Brassai – The Monograph

Discover the night

“Brassai knew how to see the hundreds of insignificant details of daily life; many of the subjects of his photos are at first sight not very original: windows, cats, plane trees, people sleeping. He was receptive to their poetry just as it was, but unlike Robert Doisneau, for example, who said that he allowed himself to be impregnated by such poetry »like a piece of blotting paper« before re-creating it in effortless snapshots, Brassai absorbed it and used it to give a more detached poetry to his work. His starting point could equally be a nasturtium leaf or an iron chair in the Tuileries gardens.” (p. 155)
Discover photographie and other arts

The big book from Alain Sayag and Annick Lionel-Marie about “Brassai. The Monograph” is one of the best ways to understand a great photographer. The book contains articles about and from Brassai and a lot of photos and other ways of his art.

After half an hour you will develop a feeling for this man, after two days you will see in his way, after some weeks you will experience in his art. The book is impressive and a serious good work. Thank you for this book!

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