Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 from B. Matsumoto and C. F. Roullard

The Unofficial Quintessential Guide

Do you like knowledge? Are you a reader and do you want to know why and what – then this book is the first choice. The book from Brian Matsumoto and Carol F. Roullard gives you the knowledge of the handbook combined with technical, photographic and user friendly experience.

The Panasonic G2 is one of the highlights of a new photographic system: cameras with „big“ sensors and changeable lenses. And following the actual trend including video and new forms of photographic possibilities.

But this book is not a book with a lot of pictures and less text. It is a book with very interesting text including handbook information in combination with information about handling and photographic possibilities.

After getting started you find an explanation of using „Basic Photographic Ideas“.

This book is for people asking „why“. It is for readers. If you want to know a lot of detailed information about the laws of photography – technically and visually – then this is your book.

The internal logic of the camera we can see on the mode dial and the auto-Button. What you wish will happen. The camera can do the whole work for you or you can say the camera what should be done. This is the way through the book. From „Automatic settings“ over „Taking Partial Control“ until „Manual Operation of the Camera“ you can find different chapters.

After that Brian Matsumoto and Carol F. Roullard show us the System Approach of the Micro Four Thirds system and the possibilities until laboratory and research. And they explain some features we never knew before.

„Remember that Panasonic distinguishes between facial identification and facial recognition. The former describes the identification of a generic face… Face recognition goes a step further in that the camera executes software to determine if the detected face is stored among the registered faces. If the camera recognizes the detected face, you will be informed of it while framing the image and the persons name and age will be stored with the saved picture.“

This example shows the possibilities of this new camera. The first seven chapters of the book explain the whole photographic handling of the camera with a lot of technical and practical information. But this is not the end.

After that we find a chapter about „Flash photography“. It is an introduction in this special field of information with the handling of the internal and with external flashes. With examples we see the possibilities and the borders of the internal flash and how to create special effects.

The next chapter is an explanation of the video-mode. After that you understand the many possibilities of the camera.

I think the term „Quintessential Guide“ is right for this informative book. If you want to understand the camera and the possibilities until into the technical depth than the book is really good.

And the best is that the information is divided in senseful chapters. You can read like you want from beginner questions until professional themes or you search for a special problem in the index.

Some time ago I wrote that the snapshot was reinvented with the Lumix G2 because you can focusing and activate the shutter by pressing on the screen.

Reading the book from Brian Matsumoto and Carol F. Roullard you see the innovative approach and the possibilities of this camera because you can use the wonderful electronic viewfinder (this is my favourite way of taking pictures) or you can use the bright LCD-Screen if you want.

Brian Matsumoto, Carol F. Roullard

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2. The Unofficial Quintessential Guide

rocky nook ISBN-10: 1933952776, ISBN-13: 9781933952772

Here you can read the content and some example pages

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