make money with your digital photography by erin manning

„What’s your personality? Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert? Are you comfortable in large groups of people, or do you prefer to work alone?

The book „make money with your digital photography“ from Erin Manning is a great chance to find YOUR way in the world of photography and in the way to earn money with photography.

In the introduction she writes „it is an overview of opportunities“. The book is much more.

In short and very well words Erin Manning shows her own way in the world of living with photography. She shows the long way until you discover your preferences. And you can learn to find your personal style of photography.

Very sensible, very clear and with a lot of experience the author writes about the most difficult thing: to find your own personality and to express this in photos.

And then she shows how to make money if you know what you want and what you can.

The book has a very readable layout. In every chapter you find questions for practice and the answers.

At the end of every chapter you find a summary and some sentences to learn if you go outside without the book.

Portrait, sports, wedding, food and product, travel and more are the field of photography you find here.

In every chapter she has a part „Q&A with a Working Pro“. In sports photography she asks Serge Timacheff, in wedding photography she asks Robert Holley, in food photography she asks Lou Manna, in travel photography she asks Lorne Renick and after that in chapter 8 she writes „show me the money“.

So you get not only the view of Erin Manning. At the same time you get knowledge from specialized photographers and after that you find a lot of pages full with hard knowledge for earning money with photos.

It is a very readable book with collected experience and very instructive information. It is a book you need not read from the beginning to the end. Every chapter is a closed theme. But all together give you an inspirational way in the commercial fields of photography.

In my opinion the book is for active readers: read, think, do. So this book is very professional, has a good layout and is full of good energy. It is a book for people who want to bring in their own personality. Yes, she writes about equipment too.

But much more here you have a book full of chances. And the book is deep. That means here you find knowledge and experience combined with a very good table of contents. So it is a working book and it is a great book.

Erin Manning

make money with your digital photography

ISBN 978-0-470-47431-0

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